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    April 16, 2013
    5:00 - 6:00pm EDT  

many corners. >> newbury street was reopened tuesday. numerous law enforcement officers were among those going in and out of the shops and the crowds. some checking trash cans as they walked. >>to have this happen in our city is a weird feeling. >> the uneasy atmosphere has become a reality. everyone seemed affected by the deadly blast at the marathon finish line. these university students said they did not know anyone involved but decided to leave flowers of every loroad block to show respect and support. they marveled at the trash piled high in cans and scattered in the streets. spots where their relaxed is
different today. >> no one is honking. there-this is allowed city in there is trash everywhere. it is a weird feeling. >> we're told this could be several days before many of these streets are reopened. a constant reminder for the people who live here in the city of this senseless tragedy that took place during the marathon. a quick question before you go. the young lady referred to being so shaken up but i am sure a lot of people are. what kind of support services are being offered there? here,re is a building it's a landmark and officials have decided to make that a place where people can go for support. we have also heard there are
people in the area opening up their own homes to visitors who are not able to go back to their hotels because they're in the area of where police are investigating. >> reporting live for us in boston, thank you for that report. >> 11 news has confirmed a local preschool teacher was on hand for the attacks, there to watch her mother crossed the finish line when the bombs went off. she is among countless baltimore native who witnessed the chaos at first hand. people are making their way back home from boston. >> they describe what it was like in the boston area when the blast happened. brennan areupervisor marerica describing what it was like. described her
friend who was injured during the bombing suspect -- sustained injuries to both of her legs. we're not clear as to the full damage. they were taking her back to clean her one and to repair some of the bones in her right foot. >> her sister suffered broken bones and her brother-in-law, michael gross, received cuts and burns. all three were cheering on the mother of the woman running in the race. >> she and her mother are exceptionally close. i cannot imagine what they're going through now. >> marathon runners describe their experience as a real, frightening, and he added. when we walked out of the restaurant we walked into the commotion of the evacuation and the volunteers saying clear the
area committee to get out. the building we were in, they were looking down as we were leaving. we clearly could not be where we were. we had to leave. >> have a hard time connecting the two together. blocks away when the blast happened. >> we heard the bomb and we had turned around and we saw a lot of black smoke. we thought it was part of the fact that it was patriot's day in boston and they're trying to do something and a few seconds later, another bomb went off. everybody started crying and getting on the phone and a lot of chaos all around. >> her thoughts were about getting out and contacting her family. all of this is just hard to comprehend. >> this was the best time i have run in america.
there's this feeling of being a triumphant and into my goal to having to deal with something that is so much greater than that. some -- so much bigger to put things in perspective. >> we have one more note. she was helping to help open the devonport preschool, the school is set to open this coming fall with supervisor mar: erica as onewith of the teachers. here in baltimore there are two major events taking place that are drawing extra attention. president joe biden is expected to speak. at cam miller is live
den yards. trash cans and on. there are a lot of police. they're making their presence known. elsewhere security changes are subtle. many feel a sense of unease. at baltimore's train station, federal air marshals provided extra security this morning. a welcome sight to travelers. i am shocked at what happened. >> with far more questions about the bombing, who was responsible, what was the motive, edginess rules. in carroll county the couch -- courthouse was evacuated and courtecordoned off after a bomb threat. train travelers are seeing
police presence, mindful of the days after 9/11. with the army guys and i believe that there is a moment [indiscernible] >> the bombings underline the concern about big public events as a terrorist target. at camden yards, stadium workers pick up trash cans this afternoon. the police presence is obvious. >> you should always keep your eyes open. that is the way we live now, sadly. >> a the euro county court complex was cleared by police after about five hours. the bomb threat was a hoax, police said. the complex will reopen tomorrow. head uptownown -- we had uptown
to george. >> the vice president is set to arrive here within the hour. you can see for yourself the added police presence outside of the building at charles street and mt. laurel ave. the vice-president is the keynote speaker for produce celebration of the grand opening of the university of baltimore law school building. any event will have added security. because of the last 24 hours, those efforts have doubled inside and outside the building. precautions, linking sure that we know the event will be safe and secure. this is happening all over these coast. >> this event is not open to the public. this will feature various
dignitaries and dollars. you have to have a ticket. people are going through metal detectors inside the front door. this event has been on the schedule for months but you can bet he will talk about the boston bombings. he echoed comments that the u.s. house to get to the bottom of what happened yesterday and why. >> thank you. you can see more pictures from boston and the blast caught on camera. >> lots of sunshine broke through the cloud cover and warm things up. temperatures have climbed into the low 70's. low 70's around baltimore. still some loppers 60's in cecil county. and earlyand early
evening. some unsettled weather is inching closer. we will talk about when we will expect the showers. the seven-day forecast in a couple of minutes. >> we continue to update you on the goings on around the world following the act of terrorism at the boston marathon. quex also check on the top stories of the day. including the latest on the murder trial, mankiller -- accused of killing his wife two decades ago and hiding there remains a land concrete. the piece of
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just a tremendous explosion, sounded like a bomb went off right next to me. the shock wave. my whole body and my legs jitteringring -- around.
>> here is what we know right now. the death toll at 3 and we have confirmed to the victims' names. crystalichard and campbell. fashioned out of our pressure cooker and packed with nails and other debris. >> you can see the latest developments as the investigation unfolds. learn how you can help and see .ore photos and video click on special coverage. >> we are tracking some on cells whether with a front coming from the north. dry weather for most of the baltimore area today.
the clouds have thinned out qaeda fair, balanced, and unafraid for through the afternoon allowing temperatures to warm up. there will be the trend for the next few days. a mixed bag of clouds and son. temperatures above normal. it can see the showers of to the north and west. there is a pretty good cluster of thunderstorms across the ohio valley. a severe thunderstorm watch in parts of ohio and through parts of western maryland. we do expect that to break up crossing the mountains but there is a slight chance for hitter may showers. for the time being ahead of that system, raises have broken up the clouds. 68 at chester town. 70 around cambridge. 73 in salisbury. western maryland relatively mild. upper 60's in lower 70's.
mostly cloudy. about 20% chance of isolated showers. this and does not set until 7:45 p.m. that is the front slicing through the ohio valley. warm 70's ahead of it, cooler 50's, and some winter weather. still snowing in denver where they're trying to play baseball. they have 8 inches of snow on the field out there. winter continues out west. some of that cold air will get here for the weekend. with the front sliding south we will see some clouds around. most of the showers should push south. only a 20% chance. on thursday, breezes developing again pushing the clouds north and warming temperatures of. likely lateget here in the day friday.
tomorrow will look like today. mostly cloudy and some sun breaking through. temperatures around the 70- degree mark. the wins will be turning to the northeast with which around 1 foot. the small craft advisory has come down. in the western maryland mountains, temperatures will be relatively mild. upper 60's to the low 70's. some better chances for scattered showers and storms wednesday and thursday. spotty showers, 20% chance tomorrow. partly cloudy tomorrow. thursday at the coast. to see seven on wednesday and thursday. a little cooler there because of the expected strong sea breeze. 71 tomorrow, only a slight chance of a shower. not about looking his day -- tuesday.
the rest of the weekend looks like we will get some sunshine but it will be cold again. lows in the 30's over the weekend. >> a look at the other top stories. >> an investigation into a deadly accident involving a pedestrian. what authorities know so far.
>> alive to coverage of the boston marathon bombings will continue in a moment. now the case of robert jerr arrett, accused of killing his wife and bearing her in the shed beneath concrete.
state prosecutors introduced a piece of evidence, a concrete slab that was found underneath that shed with the outline of a female body believed to be wife.ine jarrett, his testimony in the murder trial continued tuesday with his taking theian jarrett stand. he was asked about a three-way correspondence taking place in may 2012. there were trying to coordinate a family dinner. the sister wanted to have the dinner from robert's house. his sister wrote, lock martha in at theed and have it
house. given the events that would e-mail, he felt the should of been given to the police. >> i was not evidence of anything other than a family joke as admitted by brian. >> the most compelling information came in as prosecutors will in a piece of concrete that was recovered from the now-fresh shad in the backyard. caselas -- a cold secondigator said the permission to search the shed. they ended up ripping up a plywood floor boards in the shed and discovered a large concrete
mass underneath which had the outline of a body in it. once they lifted the concrete, there were still to remains underneath. jury members got an up close look at the concrete. most have shocked looks on their faces. we're able to obtain exclusive video and pictures. we have posted some of them on and will have that exclusive video forays. more testimony when from from detectives. veteran will not face charges. investigators found the officer was assigned to the special services bayrou install the camera without permission. police are saying the officer
did not break any laws but an investigation is ongoing. still explanation as to why he placed the camera in the bathroom to begin with. the man who crashed his car can hit a city employee is facing a slew of charges including gansler and a number of traffic violations. he said he was high on drugs matt he hit and killed corso. >> one person is dead and another treated in the h ospital. meets oldles street willow way. street was shut
downdfo awn for an hour. there will cause those who possess condos $32 a year. the council lowered the fees for nonprofit groups such as churches. it will pay $20 from 2000 square feet. the fees will generate $24 million for baltimore county storm water management program. carries pollution that ultimately ends up in the bay. spectatorsand searching for family members. their heartfelt reactions when return. -- when we return.
ow >> this is a reminder of how vulnerable we really are. in this era of modern warfare, we do not know who perpetrated this or for reasons but i am confident we will get to the bottom of it.
>> we do want to bring you up- to-date on the latest in the boston marathon bombings. in a briefing, a spokesperson said everything is still wide open. no claims of responsibility. they have said that evidence to quantico. nylon,s recovered, black some nails, possibly contained in a pressure cooker. the president will visit for an interfaith service for the victims. >> the boston marathon bombing has officials around the world boosting security at large public gatherings and sporting events. there are 30 other marathons held this weekend. president obama is planning to visit boston on thursday for an interfaith service for those systems. sally kidd during this with the latest. officials are asking whether
they're doing enough. experts say there's only so much that can be done. horrific explosions are prompting cities across the country to reevaluate security at public events. >> i did not think anyone expected bombs to go off at the end of the marathon. >> they're taking a second look at security. including two races that will go on this weekend. >> there are certain events that will be open to us by their very nature. marathon is 26 miles long. points of vulnerability. additional training and pattern recognition could help. of stopping ality terrorist using all those things i mentioned, the trailing, this
surveillance is still probably 100 to%, maybe even more than that. officials are looking at boston and make adjustments where appropriate. police say they're counting on the public to be vigilant. if you see something suspicious, reported. international officials are taking precautions. the winter olympics' security will be enhanced.
several hundred thousand spectators and competitors and hope extra caution will prevent a repeat. also making itlast-minute effors to tighten security for margaret thatcher's federal on thursday. we are making sure that the funeral and marathon can go ahead. funeral bay -- will be attended by numerous dignitaries as well as the queen and prince harry. this is what he had to say about yesterday's act of terrorism. >> when you have this type of attack you have to be concerned it is not a pattern cannojust le
9/11. that is where we have to make sure. >> many people were not able to find their loved ones yesterday. not knowing if they were ok after two explosions near the finish line. a-- adam williams reports. >> the race to find blood ones. and loved ones. >> that is how he found is. >> their runners and the spectators. >> i cannot believe this happened. the friends and family, separating into chaos. or our emails were full, we trying to get hold everywhere. >> getting in touch difficult if not impossible for some. was finishing behind me.
i do not know how far it was. >> comforting a writer who hours after the explosion could not find his wife. she was at the finish line. he does not know and that uncertainty far-reaching. >> who did you just talk to? >> my mother. >> what did she say? >> i said i am ok. >> as for anyone out there who is watching, who may be trying to get in touch with relatives, .he number is 617-635-4500 this is a number that will help you in your search for missing people. >> boston security remains tight as the investigation intensifies. there are more than 170 people injured, some of them critically. what is the latest there? >> what we do know is that
federal agents, state and local police continue to pour through squaree and -- in a 12 block radius. the rest of the city highly visible and enhance security. on most street corners where people gather. you will see armed guards outside. the governor has said that is because of a short strength and to make people feel secure. asre is another set of eyes they continue to investigate what happened here and may be responsible. people are surprised that we do not know more, more than 24 hours out. why do you think that is that there is not board mourn information? a lot of people thought there would be a solid lead by now. >> is not to say that there has
not been a lot of information. they're not sharing it with anyone. you can understand that, playing it close to the best. and they do not want to tip their hand or giving anything away when the search for the person or people who may be responsible. what we do know is that the devices or pressure covers their rage with some kind of timing device. a cell phone or timer. there were packed with shrapnel, anything that would maximize the impact. either atmel low level or backpack. they're being careful about what they talk to because of these investigations and they want to make sure those responsible are punished to the full extent of law. >> vice president dick cheney allow people walking behind you carrying on their normal
business. what is the atmosphere and in boston? >> they may be carrying on their normal business but nothing really normal in the city at this point as you would imagine. we talked about 10 to 12 blocks. that is locked down. yesterday was a holiday. people getting back to work making sure they're in the buildings and you see a lot of runners, people that came from out of town to be part of the marathon. distinct things they're going through. a lot of people still shocked and stunned. just as many say they had to be down here, that it was important to show whoever might be responsible they did not cripple the city. they did not close down boston and will not. a show of support to this who were hurt. there is a responsibility to say
that we're still standing and we're not going anywhere. >> on facebook and twitter there is an outpouring of sympathy and concern. >> also our rahm runs for the victims and families impacted by past-and violence. how they're being remembered and the evanses to -- their message to congress. greg president obama declares the boston bombing an act of terrorism. new [ male announcer ] what do you want to get done today?
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>> here's a look at the other stories we're following. victims of the virginia tech shootings marked their anniversary with a moving called action in washington. families andd with aurora of the tucson and shootings. they called on congress to pass
tougher gun laws to prevent mass shootings like at what happened at virginia tech, newtown, and aurora. >> let congress hear all the names of americans killed since newtown. they continue to debate and discuss improving our current policy so we have a better job of keeping guns from dangerous people. seung cho went then tooting spree and virginiawn life at tech. >> this is video from inside a
store in pakistan. you can see the drink machine shaking during the quake. authorities say they're still assessing the structural damage out there. >> stories continue to pour in from victims of the boston marathon bombings and their family. >> the 8-year-old boy killed while watching the race. we hear from friends and family of martin richard near his home in dorchester, marmassachusetts. >> the ravens open up about the draft.g nfl >> final temperatures and a >> final temperatures and a chance for tim -- you're mulch-flipping again, aren't you?
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>> as survivors recalled the terror of yesterday's bombings, the country's morning the three people who did not survive. >> one of them, and 8-year-old boy. martin richard was there to watch his father across them finish line -- across the finish line and he did that before the bombs went off. his mother and sister were there. tightly knit boston never heard were everyone knows everyone and richard family was the fabric of that community. that is their house behind us. speaking many people
out about martin richards, his little league coach last saw him on sunday morning. >> he brightened the room. he had this awesome smile. with freckles and he was a cute kid. he was so ppolite and so nice. he grasped quickly what was going on. a great kid. i had him in hockey from september all the way through, we stopped 4 weeks ago. and i was coaching him in baseball. when i called his mother he -- she said he was excited to be on my team. he was a really good athlete. we're hoping to have a good season with them. i honestly -- my prayer is got to the father. .hat is insane
it is terrible. is toot imagine, it much. i am at a loss for words. i cannot grasp what is going on. >> in a statement, the dad, bill richards said he is continuing to ask for paris for everyone from his -- for his wife and daughter who are still hospitalized. >> authorities are confirming the identity of the second victim, crystal campbell. take al had gone to picture of a friend crossing the finish line when hethe bombs wet off. >> mild temperatures broke out across the area with readings in the mid-70's. downtown baltimore, 76. good baseball whether although we will keep an eye on showers.
those are some heavy thunderstorms in central ohio. hoping these things fall apart -- they pose a threat for showers. once the front sinks south, there is a slight chance of a shower. activity willhe get south of us. tonight mainly cloudy skies and in isolated shower after midnight. mild temperatures in -- and .oftware and -- south winds the 74 cast keeps temperatures in the low 70's. intronger cold front come friday night.
a thunderstorm friday evening and a shower saturday morning. highs in the 60's with lows in the 30's. >> thank you. of huge changes, the baltimore ravens are looking to reload the rafteroster. more from the draft luncheon held in owings mills. >> i will get to the draft luncheon in a moment. i want to show you the reach of the boston marathon bombing. asife was at the finish line a volunteer. she was not injured in the blast. her sons rebelled to get her out of that area. expect,ly as you can their thoughts go out to the victims in the boston marathon. finished bay raiseys
before the incident. aboutad coach talked their thoughts before the draft. ravens have 12 packs, four of them are supplemental. trade up to eight picks. in all areas of need and the ribbons do not draft by need. out it sounds like anything remains possible for the general manager when decision there arrived a week from thursday night. they talked about us taking some defensive linemen, could we take some inside linebackers? we could do that.
could we take some safeties, we could do that. we will not pass up the corners. good corners. could we come away of the 12 pixar we use all of them? there will be the best players at the time we pick them. bands. is a more elusive -- in dance. garay renne zoller exactly how their draft board ships up and with it will likely go after. more on that tonight at 6:00 p.m. rec thank you. >> thank you. we will follow more of the news from the boston marathon bombings. the third person killed was a graduate student. >> we have ateam coverage.
how officials in baltimore are reacting. >> many people impacted directly by the explosions. many others feeling great anxiety and fear after another terror incident. recommendation from a psychiatrist.
>> it is normally a great day of pride.
it turned into tragedy. the rest of the country was left wondering how do we get through another national nightmare. >> the scene was shocking. for today'even for those traind crises like this. as aur natural capacity human being is to feel other people's pain. >> explosions in boston can trigger a nationwide ptsd and bring of painful memories of other major tragedies like 9/11 or the bombing at atlanta oppose a centennial park. >> it almost feels that we cannot relax. we cannot get comfortable and contented about violence. it is so prevalent. that is what it is comforting to -- discomfiting to most people. >> a child is among the dead.
helping other children cope with that news depends on their age. many experts recommending media exposure and reassure them that while said, these events are rare. the more emotional we are the more worried or concerned kids will be. >> candles lit and roses shared, millions of on-line tribune and images of love for bosn. >> they can to put their hearts tampon social media. it is a great way for the people struggling to go there and realize they're not alone. >> there is something about the nation has the worst moment that can bring out the best in people. ishere is a look at what coming up 6:00 p.m. the president obama declares the
ofton bombings an act terrorism. details coming up. yards, fansambden securityice the changes. >> you're watching wbal tv 11. this is a special edition of 11 news, the aftermath in boston. the runners were going the other way. there were people running and crying. >> i thought it was under because it sounded similar to that.
the second bank came. >> will find never harm our citizens and we will bring them to justice. >> good evening, every time. new details emerging from the investigation into the boston marathon explosion. >> latest right now, we're hearing from the boston globe. boston university says the third victim was a graduate student at boston university. the victim was one of three friends watching the race at the finish line. a second student was injured but is slowly recovering we do have a team coverage of nationally and locally. killionn with nikole live in washington. >> investigators say the pressure cooker for pact with a metal, nails, and all behrings -- a ball bearings to inflect